All the beauty of Shou Sugi Ban with
none of the soot

Smith's Original and Genuine
Shou Sugi Ban Surface Stabilizer
eliminates soot-transfer and flaking

The treatment is invisible

Shou Sugi Ban, a very attractive wood-treatment process, has the drawbacks of flaking or cracking on light impact and giving soot-transfer as charcoal-black smudges on anything that touches or rubs against it.

After a single treatment with Smith's Original and Genuine Shou Sugi Ban Surface Stabilizer, charcoal-transfer is eliminated. Casual contact with the treated surface leaves clean hands or clothing. Casual impact gives only a dent, not cracking and flaking.

The product is waterborne, colorless and odorless; the treated surface is no more hazardous than the charred wood itself; the appearance of the treated wood is no different from the original. It's another Zero-VOC and Green-As-You-Can-Get™ product from Smith & Co.

Coverage depends on the porosity and depth-of-char of the charcoal. The lightest char might saturate at a coverage of a few hundred square feet per gallon; the heaviest might require ten times that or more.

Entirely a waterborne product, the drying and full cure to give ultimate mechanical properties will take only a few days (at typical 72F) for the water to evaporate out of the charcoal layer on the wood, and the impregnating resin to cure.

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