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Shou Sugi Ban Stabilizer Discussion


Coverage depends on the porosity and depth-of-char of the charcoal. The lightest char might saturate at a coverage of a few hundred square feet per gallon; the heaviest might require ten times that or more.

Entirely a waterborne product, the drying and full cure to give ultimate mechanical properties will take only a few days (at typical 72F) for the water to evaporate out of the charcoal layer on the wood, and the impregnating resin to cure.

The resin system is about as flexible as the natural wood itself, thus the natural expansion and contraction of the wood with its mechanically-rigid charcoal layer does not lead to loss of the char, for it is now bonded to itself and the underlying wood with a flexible and weather-resistant stabilizing resin.

The fact that the resin system itself is completely clear and non-film-forming means that the appearance of any Shou Sugi Ban wood will not be altered; on bare wood, however, there may be a slight semigloss appearance. We recommend evaluation of this product by the preparation of submission-samples before any installation.

Mechanically, it will be found in all cases that one full saturation application of the stabilizer eliminates the immediate cracking and flaking of interior or exterior wood from either weathering or minor impact. This is due to the fact that the particular resin system we use gives chemical bonding to the carbon and between the carbon particles themselves.

This, the unchanged appearance, the vastly-improved mechanical and cosmetic properties, and the non-hazardous nature of the product before, during and after application are the unique benefits offered by this product.

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